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Veterinarian with Dog

Multi Radiance Medical take-home laser therapy for pet pain

Prospect Animal Hospital clients can now enroll pets in Multi Radiance Medical MR4 ACTIVet PRO laser therapy for pain relief, wound care, inflammation and hundreds of common veterinary conditions.


Multi Radiance Medical manufactures FDA-cleared laser therapy devices that provide accelerated pain relief and reduced inflammation for faster, more complete healing in pets.


The MR4 ACTIVet PRO super pulsed laser combines three clinically proven light wavelengths to deeply penetrate tissues and kick start the body’s natural healing process to treat conditions like osteoarthritis, fractures, sprains, and tendonitis – without side effects, drugs, or surgery.


The laser also features blue light, which is used to fight bacteria and manage wounds in skin conditions like lick granulomas, pyoderma, and otitis.


Dr. Diane Dodin will conduct an examination, and after diagnosis she will prescribe a treatment plan with the required laser settings, treatment times, and techniques. The ACTIVet PRO is also available for single treatments or discounted series of treatments in the office.


Make an appointment for a laser therapy consultation by contacting Prospect Animal Hospital at (847) 253-8351.


Benefits of Multi Radiance Laser Therapy

  • Drug-free pain relief with no side effects

·         Three proven wavelengths of light work together to effectively treat conditions

·         Safest classification of lasers with no risk of overheating

·         Treat hundreds of common veterinary conditions like arthritis, lick granuloma, otitis, wounds, and more

·         Easy to use pre-programmed settings

·         Laser training and assistance provided by staff

·         Convenient and portable with a long lasting rechargeable battery



About Multi Radiance Medical

Multi Radiance super pulsed laser therapy devices treat a variety of common conditions in both human and veterinary applications. From managing pain to healing wounds, Multi Radiance’s laser technology has been clinically proven safe and effective for companion, equine and exotic animals, with no side effects.

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