Zoe and Dr. Dodin
Tory and Dr. Dodin
Coco, Caitlin and Dr. Dodin
Zoe, Dr. Dodin and Caitlin
Dr. Dodin and Boomer
Dr. Dodin and Lulu
Dr. Dodin and Boomer
Dr. Dodin and Boomer
Dr. Dodin and Boomer
Dr. Dodin and Hildie
Dr. Dodin
Dr. Dodin &  Joey
Dr. Diane Dodin & Winnie
Dr. Diane Dodin & Remy
Dr. Dodin, Olivia, Becky and Lana
Gizmo & Dr. Dodin
Coco & Dr. Dodin
Coco & Dr. Dodin
Dr. Diane Dodin & Trouble
Dr.  Diane Dodin & Winnie
DR. Dodin & Coco
Dr. Diane Dodin & Ali
Dr. Diane Dodin & Yukon Cornelius
Dr. Diane Dodin & Sam
Karen, Remy & Dr. Diane Dodin
Karen, Nosey & Dr. Diane Dodin
Dr. Dodin

Dr. Diane Dodin

Owner 8/2/2013

Dr. Dodin finished her undergraduate degree at Delaware Valley College in Doylestown, PA.  She earned her bachelor of science degree which focused on small animal science.  She obtained her veterinary degree from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine and finished her clinical year at the University of Illinois in 2003.  Dr. Dodin has been practicing for over 11 years in the city of Chicago.  Her free time is spent volunteering at Red Door Animal Shelter, playing soccer and working out. She has been donating over 10 years of her time to Red Door Animal Shelter Dr. Dodin has a sweet cat named Munchkin and multiple fresh water fish.


Manny has worked in the veterinary field for a little over 19 years, and has also worked and consulted with several Pitbull Rescue Groups and animal shelters in the Chicagoland area. He has dental, surgical, and exam room skills, and is interested in pain management and client education. Manny is AIMLA-certified as a Therapeutic Laser Therapist in Class IV Cold Laser. In his spare time he plays Semi-Pro Slow Pitch Softball across the country, often traveling with his 8 dogs and cat (all rescues). He is also fluent in English, Spanish and sarcasm. 




Veterinary Technician

Kristina is a proud Cyclone, graduating from Iowa State University in 2015 with her BS in Animal Science and pre-veterinary medicine. She is currently attending Penn Foster's Veterinary Technician program. It’s no surprise that she ended up working with animals since she can never remember wanting to do anything else! Even her parents were surprised when as a child she consistently told people she wanted to be a veterinarian when she grew up. Since then, she has worked with animals at shelters, pet stores, and veterinarian offices. Kristina and her son David currently live in Wheeling with their two cats, Zanna and Zookie, dog, Camille, and guinea pigs, Rufus and Simon. When she has a spare minute Kristina loves to read fantasy novels and spend time outdoors with the kiddo.