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My name is Nia Morgan, I'm looking for my one-year old missing dog, Z. 

Z , has been missing in the Waukegan/Park City/Gurnee area since the morning of 3/18. He was brought to Waukegan from Downtown Chicago by my pet sitter without my permission and lost immediately upon arrival in Waukegan.

In the past 80 days, we have not had a single sighting of my dog. We believe he is with someone now who potentially knows he's stolen, or hopefully is just unknowing he is missing. He will have to be brought into a vet at some point so we'd appreciate any and all help you can provide - hanging his flyer, keeping an eye out for him, etc.

Attached you'll find a picture of his lost flyer, a photo of his markings showcasing the length of hair around the time of his disappearance, alongside a photo of how he looks when shaved. Additional descriptors are listed below -


  • Weight: 40 lbs at time of disappearance, hits around your knees in height

  • Sex: Male

  • Age: 9 months old at time of disappearance, now one-year-old

  • Fur: Very tight curls, potential for fur to be extremely matted by now, or shaved down

  • Color: Brown and white spotted. White snout, mark on top of head, chest, legs and tail. Brown ears, mask-like shape around eyes, and brown spotting down spine.

  • Neutered: No

  • Microchip: His microchip is registered to Nia Morgan to her Chicago address. Chip and Tag number are below:

    • Microchip #956000007367948

    • Tag #1150028


Please contact Nia Morgan at (650) 862-5209 if you have any sightings or if he is brought into your office. We appreciate your eyes and ears in helping to bring the little guy home!


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