Thank you for showing an interest in our practice! We are so happy to be growing each year with so many wonderful new clients and are always looking for kind, compassionate, skilled and motivated individuals to add to our family.

Being a veterinary technician is extremely rewarding for people that have a strong passion for helping animals. Technicians are fortunate to develop a long term relationship with the animals and their owners. The care and education technicians provide are an essential components in helping animals and their owners achieve an amazing life together.  



Feel free to send us an application or resume anytime, even if we are not currently hiring.  If you know someone who would be a great fit for an position at Prospect Animal Hospital, please refer them.  We welcome resumes of the best and brightest.

Please contact and list all resumes or applications attention to Career Opportunities at PHA.


Veterinary Technicians

-minimal required skills to be considered; however we are willing to train the right individual to join our family.*

  1. 6 months - 2 years experience *

  2. assisting and restraint cats and dog during examinations and procedures

  3. performing or assisting with diagnostic test such as radiographs, urinalysis, nail trim and anal gland expression  

  4. able to draw blood and intravenous catheter placement

  5. able to place endotracheal tubes

  6. able to lift over 50lbs

  7. conducting routine dental cleanings and assisting in surgery and post anesthetic recovery

  8. monitoring the condition of patients vital signs and documenting medical charts during surgery

  9. clean and maintain the exam and surgical rooms in preparation for procedures

  10. surgery admission, discharge and documenting medical charts

  11. dispensing prescription medications under the direction of a veterinarian

  12. obtaining medical histories, vital signs and weight from patient

  13. preparing vaccines

  14. effectively communicate and educate clients on animal care and welfare, disease prevention, disease treatment and behavior concerns

  15. perform routine follow up care with clients in person and by phone

  16. recognize medical emergencies and react appropriately

  17. inventory & reminder mailing listing

  18. checking clients in and out as well as making appointments

  19. enthusiasm to learn new skills