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Since 1955, Prospect Animal Hospital has strived to provide the highest quality of patient care and client education to our neighboring cities of Prospect Heights, Mount Prospect, Buffalo Grove and Wheeling, as well as, Arlington Heights. My new staff and I are proud to be able to continue that long lived legacy as of August 5th, 2013. Working with our clients to make sure our patients live healthy happy lives is our goal.  By providing preventative care, diagnostics for early detection of disease processes and communication with our clients, we can give the medical care that your pets deserve.  From pediatrics to geriatrics, we want to be there for you and your pet every step of the way.


Dr. Diane Dodin and Staff





New Ownership 8/2/13: Prospect Animal Hospital Now Owned by Dr Diane Dodin, DVM


“I am very excited to serve the Arlington Heights and Northwest Chicago and suburban communities.”

Dodin said. “This is an ideal location to work from, with many animal lovers in this region.”


LINK: The Cardinal -- Arlingtoncardinal.com Article

At Prospect Animal Hospital, we are thankful to have such wonderful clients and patients.  

We are proud to show you what our clients say about our veterinary hospital.


Very nice to meet Dr. Dodin and very happy at the service she provided.

GOOGLE REVIEW (February 2018)

Marcie G.


Dr. Dodin and her staff have provided Penny with exceptional care. We are very fortunate to have found Prospect Animal Hospital.

GOOGLE REVIEW (December 2017)

Ryan T.


"We were only with Dr. Dodin for a short time. Our dog was sick and we were unhappy with our vet so upon reading reviews, we called and set up an appointment. We were amazed at the service and compassion that the office provides. Dr. Dodin was so knowledgeable and helpful. She takes her time, follows up and responds to calls/emails quickly. We would highly recommend Prospect Animal Hospital."

FACEBOOK REVIEW (Dec. 14th, 2017)

Kerri G.


Dr. Dodin and her staff give exceptional care. They have great hours that are accommodating for everyone. My 3yo lab/beagle has no problem walking into the office and she knows its the doctors office.

GOOGLE REVIEW (November 2017)

John C.


"WE LOVE DR. DODIN! We were so sad when she left the vet down the street. After seeing other vets over the past several years, we have made our way back to her and we couldn't be happier. She takes her time to ask questions and analyze what is going on. She doesn't jump to running expensive tests. We very much appreciate the patience, true kindness, and care she shows our fur babies!" 

FACEBOOK REVIEW (Nov. 27th, 2017)

KM Rrb


"We love love love Prospect Animal Hospital and Dr. Dodin and her staff! Our lab puppy, Penny, genuinely enjoys going to the vet to see Dr. D--and while some pets may be apprehensive about vets' offices, Dr. Dodin and her staff are always so friendly and you can tell that they are truly passionate about animals. It is this warm and inviting behavior that makes Penny literally pull us into the Prospect Animal office in sheer excitement every time. We are so grateful for Dr. Dodin's patience with our super energetic girl and all of our questions as first-time dog owners. Dr. Dodin is very knowledgable, compassionate and everyone in the office is very thorough with all that they do--including follow-up phone calls to check on Penny a couple of days post-visit. We would highly recommend Prospect Animal Hospital to anyone looking for a great vet in the northwest suburbs!"

FACEBOOK REVIEW (Sept. 25th, 2017)

Jenna T.


Dr. Dodin and her staff give exceptional care. They have great hours that are accommodating for everyone. My 3yo lab/beagle has no problem walking into the office and she knows its the doctors office.


John C.


Dr Dodin is not only extremely knowledgeable, but wonderful with pets and pet families (aka owners). A true gem who is fairly priced and takes all the time needed to answer questions and deliver the best care available. Highly, highly recommend Dr Dodin and her entire staff.

GOOGLE REVIEW (March 2017)

Brand C.


The entire staff is kind and compassionate.

GOOGLE REVIEW (March 2017)

Kristina M.


"I am so glad I found Prospect Animal Hospital for our dogs. Dr. Dodin and her staff are the best!!! They are always happy to see you and your pets no matter what the need is. Dr. Dodin is knowledgeable and compassionate. She and her staff always take the time to greet your pet so they feel comfortable. We have seen her for well and sick visits as well as a big surgery for our golden retriever. Her follow up care was very thorough and her staff always calls after visits to check on our dogs. She helped us with the loss of our golden with amazing care and has welcomed our new puppy with love.
Thank you for all you do." :)

FACEBOOK REVIEW (Jan. 31st, 2017)

Ann H.


"They truly care about the animals and show so much compassion! Brought my kitty back to life!"

FACEBOOK REVIEW (Aug. 29th, 2017)

Monik T.


"Dr d is so smart, kind and gentle. And taffy loves her."

FACEBOOK REVIEW (June 9th, 2017)

Chuck S.


"Cooper is an anxious dog but had to go in for issues with legs. So compassionate with the pets during the exam. Hope my neighbors will utilize them as well. Local business that cares. Thank you!"

FACEBOOK REVIEW (Jan. 19th, 2016))

Christine B.


"I've been going to Diane for my three kitties for some time now. Overall Diane is VERY knowledgeable and the service is top notch! The staff is very friendly and helpful. The cost is very reasonable for the amount of care and attention that you receive. I have nothing but praise for this place." 


Kia L.


"Dr. Dodin was my dog's vet for her entire life, which ended today. She is so kind, caring and a wonderful vet. She is truly a very special individual. I feel so fortunate she was my vet. Thank you, Dr. Dodin for everything."


Sarah S.


"Diane was so sweet and gentle with our rescued pup. Our girl Chaya Rose was so sick and we weren't sure what to do. Diane put our girl at ease and made sure we knew how to get her through the virus and take care of her."

FB/reviews.birdeye.com (April, 2016)

Tabitha S.


"Diane is not only an amazing vet but an amazing compassionate and animal loving person. Diane and her staff at Prospect Animal Hospital are absolutely the best! I am 100% satisfied with the service my animals get as well as myself. If you are looking for a phenomenal vet, that is not pushy and puts the animals first your best bet is to see Diane and her team at Prospect Animal Hospital!"

FB/reviews.birdeye.com (Oct. 27th, 2015)

Natalie M.


"My huge young, 6 month old, labradoodle came to Dr Diane after two other vets could not come up with the right diagnosis. Dr. Diane first took me without an appointment as I felt time was ticking. I ran in without a leash (the kind staff provided me with one). Buddy was so sick. Dr. Diane and her staff were awesome. They got down on the floor to listen, and saw the awful sores on his mouth and body due to some kind of allergic reaction. Dr Diane took the time to listen to me and asked me many questions to come up with a diagnosis! He is probably allergic to chicken...she even asked if the probiotic is chicken flavored, and it is! She drew blood to rule out anythiing else, and suggested a meat and potatoe diet. Today is the first day in 5 days that he is wagging his tail! Thank YOU Prospect Animal Hospital."

GOOGLE/reviews.birdeye.com (Oct.4th, 2016)

Ava W.


"Best. Vet. Ever. I think I'm pretty direct and to the point." :-)

FACEBOOK REVIEW (March 12th, 2015)

Tom P.


"Dr. Dodin has been my dog's vet for almost 8 years and we love her. So happy she has her own practice! I'm not going to enjoy the 1+ hour drive to get to her but she's worth it. She is so patient and gentle with my little monster."

FB/reviews.birdeye.com (Nov. 9th, 2013)

Angela H.


"Dr. Dodin has been our vet for about 8 years. She is the BEST and I am very excited for her to have her own clinic!"

FACEBOOK REVIEW (Aug. 15th, 2013)

Anita D-M.


"Dr Dodin took great care of our cat, Bandit. We can't recommend her enough!"

FACEBOOK REVIEW (Nov. 18th, 2013)

Gina D.


"Congrats to Diana Dodin on having her own vet clinic! Highly recommended ..."

FACEBOOK REVIEW (Aug. 8th, 2013)

Tracy B.


"I left Chicago 6 years ago and still wish I could find a vet like her! My dog hasn't liked anyone else like her since!! Diane is a great vet and friend!"

FACEBOOK REVIEW (Aug. 9th, 2013)

Kathy L.

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Lisa A. - Chicago, IL


10/18/17 - Yelp Review 

Dr. Dodin and her staff are amazing. I have had animals my entire life, both cats and dogs, and consequently have been to many vets over the years. I selected this clinic because of the positive reviews on Yelp. We are new to the area and have 3 dogs. I was able to get an appointment within one day of calling. The clinic immediately offered to call my previous vet to get my pets' old records, whereas in my experience most clinics ask the client to get them. They even acquired records for my dog who didn't have an appointment with them yet so that it would be all set in the future when I eventually brought him in. 
At the appointment, the front desk staff was welcoming and friendly. We were immediately escorted to an exam room. They try to schedule appointments far enough apart that they are running on time when you arrive, and you don't have to wait in the reception area with your pet along with other pets. This is particularly important to me as one of my dogs does not play nicely with other dogs. Dr. Dodin is everything you could hope for in a vet- friendly, compassionate, kind, caring, thorough, and up-to-date on knowledge. She also has many recommendations for local pet services, such as walkers, groomers and boarding. You can tell that this is not just a business for her- she truly cares about your pet. She spends plenty of time with each one, asks pertinent questions about their health and home or boarding environment/care situation which helps her determine which vaccines they need. She also gives each one a lot of hugs and cuddles. She is gentle when it comes to giving shots and taking temperatures, petting and distracting your animal so they don't even know they're being poked and prodded. She is a genuinely NICE person. One of our dogs was critically ill and ended up at an emergency vet for 4 days. Dr Dodin called the emergency vet every day of our dog's hospitalization, sometimes twice a day, just to check on how she was doing. She also provides her clients with her email address. You can email her 24-7 with your questions or concerns and she is very good ago at returning your email promptly. 
After your pet receives any sort of shot or vaccine, Dr. Dodin calls you the next day just to make sure the pet is not showing any signs of a negative reaction. Lab results have a quick turn around time, they clearly send everything out promptly as I have never waited more than a day for a phone call with results on blood, stool or urine. 
Finally when it comes to paying your bill, the services are very reasonably priced and a member of the clinic always goes over all the charges with you. They never just give you a total without explaining your bill. 
If you are looking for a vet in Chicago's northwestern suburbs, I hope you will give this wonderful vet and clinic a chance! You won't be sorry.

Christina M. - Arlington Heights, IL


1/25/17 - Yelp Review 

"Dr Dodin is not only extremely knowledgeable, but wonderful with pets and pet families (aka owners). A true gem who is fairly priced and takes all the time needed to answer questions and deliver the best care available. Highly, highly recommend Dr Dodin and her entire staff."

Marilyn L., Waupaca, WI


10/27/16 - Yelp Review 

"Dr. Dodin is by far the best vet we have ever had.  I have old dogs and she helps me to keep them active and happy.   The care is top notch, we always get to see the same vet, and able to get quick appointments.  Awesome."

Karen W., Arlington Heights, IL


10/01/16 - Yelp Review 

"I have a 6 month old labradoodle that has been sick since we got him at 8 weeks old.  I took him to my closest vet who sadly misdiagnosed him on two occasions, and to a holistic vet who told me he may not make it.  We came to DR. Dodin without even an appointment.  I had no leash, his gum were terribly swollen and bleeding, ears had large sores.  When I entered the door, they sprang into action and it was as if I entered a trauma center.  The staff came to help me right away, grabbed a leash, and zipped me into a patient room.  Doctor Dodin and her medical assistant came in  right away.  Immediately they were at his level checking him out, and asking questions to Make a  correct diagnosis.  Her knowledge of animals is so apparent by her method of treatment (she clearly thinks through everything before she gave me her diagnosis).  Not one of my prior vets did a blood test, or ever gave a topical to relieve his itch and painful gums, sores and ears.  Dr Dobin did and it is working.  I owe my dog on the road to recovery to Dr Dodin and her medical staff.   I highly recommend going to her and stop spending money on vets who can't get it'd right after 5 visits!"

Jackie H - Skokie, IL


8/05/16 - Yelp Review 

"I am a proud parents of Lily and Gizmo. They have received excellent care here at Prospect Animal Hospital. Even if it is a minor cough to needing dental work to finding the perfect supplement for them, I can trust them to take care of my babies. I wish I can have Dr. Dodin private number for off hours questions haha but email will do. I enjoy your welcoming staff  as well. 

Thank you !!!!"

Tom P. - Arlington Heights, IL


4/8/16 - Yelp Review

"Our dog Koda just had his annual check-up along with some vaccines. Dr. Dodin and her staff are the absolute BEST! She always take time to explain everything in a way I can actually understand. Koda can be shy and nervous yet it only takes 2 minutes in the office and he's relaxed and wagging his tail at warp speed! Very lucky we found this practice!"


3/12/15 - Yelp Review

"Dr. Dodin, Lynn, Jade and the rest of the staff here are incredible! Brought our 10 yr old shepherd/lab mix in for a large mass on his belly and one in his mouth. I was concerned and nervous about what to expect. Dr Dodin was very thorough in explaining everything involved and what our options were. A great communicator, we exchanged several emails and she was very patient in going over everything. Charlie had surgery a few weeks ago and his prognosis is great! He was a champ recovering, due in large part to the flawless surgery and follow-up. Sutures came out great and he is wagging his tail ferociously as I type. You can tell these people care. The cost, after research, was very reasonable. I highly recommend this place! Thanks Dr. Dodin!!!"

Christine J., Prospect Heights, IL


1/19/16 - Yelp Review 

"So good with my dog who is afraid of everything and everyone.  Very thorough exam and shows they really care about the pets.  Our dog having some back leg issues and they gave us a couple of options for treatment along with follow up.

Thank you for the great service!"

Kathy W. - Arlington Heights, IL


1/12/15 - Yelp Review

"We first met Dr. Dodin and her staff when she purchased the practice from another vet.  She introduced herself to her neighbors, and one is a friend of mine that knew we were considering a vet change.  Prior practice was nice but chaotic, our dog and cat were always traumatized by the number of large animals and the constant barking. Just walking in to check this clinic out you get a completely serene feeling.  Our visit visit with our dog was terrific - no other pets were there and the doctor and staff talked to our dog and then let her sniff all around and make herself comfortable. She had new family be the time she left the visit.  Sadly our 14 year old dog died a short time later.  The entire practice was very kind and gentle.  This spring we added Bay to our family and she hates the car ride over, but loves loves loves Dr. Dodin and the staff - particularly Lynn.

With a new puppy there were lots of visits and each visit was a calm environment and yet playful for our puppy.  

Highly recommend this practice."

Bridget A. - Mount Prospect, IL


3/3/14 - Yelp Review

"We are new to the area and wanted to find a veterinarian for our Yorkie.  Dr.  Dodin and her team were outstanding . They took the time to explain what was going on with our dog and answer all our questions.  Excellent follow up after the appointment to make sure everything was alright.  This is a truly caring and professional team that I would highly recommend.  You will not be disappointed."

Amanda K. - Arlington Heights, IL


2/26/14 - Yelp Review

"Dr. Dodin and her staff are fantastic! I just adopted an 8 week old puppy. As a first time dog owner, she took the time to answer my laundry list of questions, explained how to care for him properly, and shared little tricks learned only by experienced professionals.  This was all BEFORE I brought my puppy in for his wellness check-up. She was gentle and very thorough with the exam, as he was a little frightened when we first arrived. By the end of the visit, he was so comfortable he was walking around like he owned the place! The staff is also exceptional and patient. Matt answered additional questions I had prior to my visit over the phone and Lynn went over vaccinations and schedules for immunizations a second time for us after Dr. Dodin already had done so.   I highly recommend Prospect Animal Hospital to everyone!"

Sherri J. - Chicago, IL


1/24/14 - Yelp Review

"If you are looking for a caring & knowledgeable Dr for your cat or dog you must take them to Dr. Diane Dodin. We found her on accident when she was working for our local vet.  She is a wonderful caring person, who will love your animal almost as much as you do. "We followed her from Chicago out to her new practice in AH. 
Our "son" Munich sadly passed over the rainbow bridge and we were so thankful and grateful to have Dr. Diane there with our family."


Please--Please take you cat or dog to Dr. Dodin her and her staff are amazing and caring people, you won't find a better veterinarian."

Julie S. - Chicago, IL


1/12/14 - Yelp Review


"I do not even know where to begin to RAVE about how great my experiences with Dr. Dodin have been.  I count my lucky stars that we have found a clinic where EVERY employee gives my Yorkie so much undivided love and attention.  Marley (my Yorkie) is basically like my child and I can be a tad high maintenance when it comes to caring for me and my dog.  Diane has shown so much patience and empathy during every visit regardless of what the reason was that we were in the office.  I also love that Diane makes sure that I am aware that if I need anything I can call whenever I need to and that security is priceless.  If you love your pet the way I love mine, I promise you will feel so secure knowing you have a Vet like Diane in your corner!  Before Prospect Animal Hospital, we went to a clinic that clearly only wanted to drain us of our money, I love that I can trust the employees and trust that they have my Yorkie's best interest at heart.  
The prices are reasonable, the hours are flexible, and the staff is amazing...what more can I say?"

Gina D. - Chicago, IL


10/18/13 -  Yelp Review


"We recently took our cat Bandit to see her and she was so helpful and kind. He had some kind of mystery illness where his purr was very loud and he seemed to be gagging or choking all the time. He also wasn't eating. She gave him fluids, did x-rays, and even did his blood work. After a day in her care he quickly recovered. We can't recommend her enough!"

Tracy B. - Chicago, IL


10/15/13 - Yelp Review


"I found a feral cat and was able to make a quick emergency appointment with Dr. Dodin, and she stayed late to make sure to handle all of its emergency needs. Dr. Dodin just recently took over this clinic from the previous owner, so for sure I recommend people to view the place with a new point of view. She was professional and compassionate, and was able to calm the cat easily. I have also used Dr. Dodin for my dogs, and she has been a terrific vet no matter what the crisis or the animal."

Megan A. - Chicago, IL


10/14/13-  Yelp Review


"Dr. Diane Dodin is the new owner at Prospect Animal Hospital and we just love her! Our dog is super excited to see her whenever we go, no worries are around! We used to take her to Dr. Dodin's previous practice in Chicago, but since she moved we moved with her. I would recommend this veterinarian practice to everyone. The employees and professionals care about your pet like they are one of their own."

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